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Track Bikes or the Two Lovers (2016)
In residency in Milano at the Wandering School during the Salone del Mobile, I had the idea of an installation with two bikes.
Here, the bike is not an object to go from a point A to a point B but at the total opposite just made in order to provok a perpetual movement that the audience can take time to appreciate. If you want to make work this installation a crucial point is that you need to bike coordinate with your partner on the other bike. Fact which create a feeling of coordination and connection between the two persons. That the main idea of this installation to link two persons by a collaborative movement.

So I had the idea of these two bikes link by a tube of 5 meters which is itself connected to a rotor-pillar.
After few drawings I decided to look for help and collaboration. I went in all the bike shops of Milano. At a certain point, after all the negative answers that I received, someone finally indicate me the adresse of a «crazy» bike mechanic: Rocco Guarna.

I went to see Rocco at his bike association office, I presented the drawings that I made and he just said:

«take two old bikes in the storage, pay your 5 euros fee to my association and let’s start».