Clement Carat
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Tools (2017)
Serie of 3 Transferts on paper (70x100cm).

Disco Inferno (2017)
(work in progress)
Project in collaboration with the Plantage Lab (Amsterdam, Nederland).
Ballard's Car (2016)
Serie of 6 Transferts on paper (70x100cm).
The Canvas Car (2016)
Project in collaboration with Katarina Surganak canvas wingmaker, and presented at the graduation Show of the Sandberg institut (Amsterdam, Nederland).
Track Bikes or the Two Lovers (2016)
Project in collaboration with Rocco Guarna president of the Associazione +BC of Milano. Installation exhibited at MACAO for il Salone del Mobile (Milano, Italia).
Vacuum (2016)
Serie of 22 Transferts on paper (70x100cm).
Jesus and the Coyotes (2016)
Essay/photo reportage about the improvised strategies set by non-administrative mexican migrants in order to cross the MEX-US border.(Texas, USA)
Life Jacket (2015)
Design Project
Fusi Time (2015)
Performance organized with the help and participation of the Csepel Bike Factory. Project presented at the gallery Teleterites (Budapest, Hungary).