The Prometheus of Tbilisi Clement Carat Giorgi tevzadze

I am actually working on my first documentary movie project which will be named:

The Prometheus of Tbilisi

This movie will be about a community of Drifters in Georgia (South Caucasus). It will focus on the story of Giorgi Tevzadze, famous georgian drifter who died in 2013 in tragical circumstances. My purpose trought this project is to show how in this post-sovietical country the street drifting and racing have been a way to dream of social and economical evolutions for the youth in the 2000'. Evolutions which were made trough the representation of road raging and it broadcasting on internet, with the hope to get some fame. But to stage this form of violence was also meaning for the drifters to deal with a permanent risk of death. The Prometheus of Tbilisi will tell the story of these georgians pilots who have decided in the 2000' to put their lives on the line to get a better futur or die trying.

I have just finished a residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts of Paris where I have worked on the first writing steps of this project. I will be in residency at the Boghossian Fondation in Belgium during few months in 2020 in order to focus on the preparation of the movie. This project will be produced by the french production : Iliade et Films

Noduo Kodua Drifting and filmed by Clement Carat

(Drifter above Nodari Kodua during a legal race of the Georgian Drift Series)

If you are curious you can check some footages of the first research sessions: