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Jesus and the Coyotes (2016)
Jesus and the Coyotes is an essay/reportage about the situation on the Mex-US border and the strategies that Ā«illegalĀ» migrants design in order to cross without control this border. This essay was written after my experience during one day with one border patrol officer directly on the border and checkpoints of the south-west Texas.
I develop in this essay, trough the narration of this day on the border, these questions:

How it is part of our humaneness to create and set improvise solutions/strategies in order to avoid any kind of administrative control?

How the strategy, as said James Scott, is "a weapon" for the poors and the weaks front of the rules of capitalism?

And how could we use these strategies in order to escape from institutionnal control?

Jesus and the Coyotes is actually looking for a publisher.

Excerpt of the book The Elephant Stone Jesus B.P. armoured personnel carrier