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Fusi Time (2015)
This video/performance was produced during a residency organized by the Télétérités Gallery (Budapest,Hungary) in the factory district of Csepel (municipality of Budapest). My work was linked with the hungarian term Fusi which meant during the communist period:

«to steal time from the factory in order to produce your own goods, or as a self-expression time. »

So in order to experiment this concept, I organized a race with two forklift drivers of a factory of the Csepel district. I propose them this challenge in order to see who was the best driver between the two of them.
However behind this challenge, the important point of this performance is that the race happened during their working day, so they were actually paid by their factory during the racing time. They were really performing a Fusi moment, that I choregraphed. By making it into a game, I wanted to enhance the function of the game as a way to contest a system, an institution, or in this case a working day at the factory. The game is here a strategy in order to redefine norms and rules.
Video of the performance
Photo of the teamproject at the end of the race
Left: Beginning of the Race
Right: Clement Carat with the two worker/performer.