Canvas Car

(2015-2016) sculpture/design, car and aeronautic canvas + photobook/novel, story of the project.

Canvas Car Clement Carat

Canvas Car is a project which was developed in collaboration with Katarina Surganak (born around 1950, Belgrade, Yougoslavia). Katarina is one of the last craftwoman in Europe able to make airplane wings in canvas. After many interviews, Carat has decided to work on a specific project with her:

A car made out of canvas like the one that she used to set on airplane wings.

To develop this project Carat has used the lowest budget as possible. It has involved a long term production, the setting of an informal economy (trading) and so on a strong human experience made out of happiness but also melancolia. The emotional reality of a project is important for Carat, that's why all the experience and lifestory of this project has been gathered in a photo/novel book.

Canvas Car team:

Direction: Clément Carat

Canvas expert: Katarina Surganak

Help Metal work: Otakar Zwarte

Mechanic: Johan Kuin "Garage Ruimzicht"

Help: Konstantin Utz, Willem, Angie,
Nikola Cemenova, Ksenia Perek

Canvas Car Clement Carat
Canvas Car Clement Carat

Working Process:

Canvas Car workprocess
Canvas Car Clement Carat
Canvas Cara
Canvas Car