Beyond The Smoke

Drifting :

An autosport in which drivers into curves or racetracks at maximum speed causing the car to slide sideways. This is judged by a crowd or jury, who evaluates the driver performance base on speed, angle and precision. In this practice, the mechanical performance serves an esthetic purpose.

Ninety miles per hour on the speed counter, a car is skidding along a curve, tracing dense wisps of smoke in its wake. Behind this cloud, three fates tied to a motorsport practice: drifting.

A drifter in his fifties acknowledged by his fellows, who tries to beat the European racers dominating his discipline with the means at hand. A popular legend with a baby face, whose relatives tell us how, through street drifting, on the edge of crime, he hoped to change his life and theirs, until a tragic accident. And finally a young woman who, with the strength of her arms and limited means, is looking for her fellows’ recognition.

Three life trajectories seeking a place in the pantheon of the greatest pilots . Three destinies coming from a singular place. A country which has been left behind : Georgia. Three generations forgotten from history which trough the post-USSR years, are trying or tried by dint of their resourcefulness to reach the dreams promised by the West.

The project is being developed by the french production : Iliade et Films

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